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You’ve found your perfect home, but it seems to have an outdated electrical system – aluminum wiring and a small load electrical panel? Is it still worth pursuing it, or will it cost an arm and a leg to have it repaired?

What to keep in mind when buying a home with outdated electricals?

We get asked this question quite a bit and here are some of the things we recommend new home buyers to keep in mind prior to pulling the trigger on the big purchase:

  1. First, request an electrical inspection prior to purchasing the home. This will give you an idea of the required work and potential costs.
  2. Create a plan once you have a cost estimate. Determine which updates should be done right away and which can wait, allowing you to budget accordingly.
  3. Research home insurance requirements. Upgrading your wiring may be necessary to obtain coverage, which may come at a higher premium. 
  4. Organize all documentation should you choose to update your wiring, and keep it accessible for insurance and future resale purposes.

If you do find aluminum wiring in the home, make sure you have a licensed electrician to complete an assessment even if the current homeowners assured you that everything is fine. Electricians at Wire & Power Inc. are dedicated to providing high-quality electrical work in Toronto. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your new home safe and functional for your family.



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